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On the Market: 'Ghost'ly Soho Loft

It's unclear (to us, at least) why the spectre of a translucent Patrick Swayze haunting your halls is a plus, but clearly the brokers marketing this Soho loft at 515 Broadway think it's the key selling point: "REMEMBER THE MOVIE GHOST? It was filmed in this coop!"

Actually, WE DO REMEMBER THE MOVIE GHOST. Really a classic of the genre. Er, wait. Yeah, anyway: 4,600sqft for $4.325 million. Relive the glory.
· Listing: 515 Broadway [Corcoran]

BONUS SOHO LOFTAGE: On Greene Street, late abstract painter Buffie Johnson's three story loft building is going to contract for about $9 million. Says another caffienated Corcoran broker, "Where can you find a building in prime Soho that was part of the revolution? The forming of the real Mecca of artists in Soho! It's authentic. An artist who was hanging out with Andy Warhol and Carl Jung—and, prior to that, Hemingway and Picasso! Where do you find it?” Honestly, WE HAVE NO IDEA.
· Ab-Ex Annex Sells for $9 M. [Manhattan Transfers]