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New Advertecture Game: Find the Traffic Signal

The tipster with camera that sends this interesting photo of advertecture vs. traffic light writes:

On the southeast corner of 42nd and Madison a new billboard advertisement for Envigo energy drink has gone up over some scaffolding and hidden behind this monster billboard is a traffic light. It would appear that the green light for Go may be difficult to see against the green background. The whole thing is hideous. Is this legal?Two guesses. Well, at least the advertecture hasn't fallen on anyone's head yet.
· Exclusive: Death Knell for Advertecture [Curbed] BONUS: We're not sure this is what the Citywide Coalition for Traffic Relief had in mind when they announced a five-point plan yesterday for a 15 percent cut in traffic by 2009. The plan includes more bike and bus-only lanes, longer walk signals for pedestrians (if they can see them), more expensive curbside parking, "traffic calming" measures like speed bumps, more truck route enforcement and--everyone's favorite--congestion pricing.