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Park Slope: Where Fun Goes to Die?

We didn't realize that Park Slope had such a thriving rock scene, but apparently so, according to the simmering debate on the always fun Park Slope Message Board. While the average Park Slope complaint runs more towards crying babies and public breast feeding, this has more of a sex/drugs/rock-and-roll angle:

The band practice and parties are just the start of it. We can hear them having sex and smell their cigarette smoke. I'm a smoker and I have never smoked in my house in my entire life, but now my house reeks like it. I had the flu over the past few days and was in tears because I couldn't sleep -- it'd be one thing if they were at least semi-decent musicians. I would be too embarrased for my neighbors to hear me playing that poorly.Now, we're pleased to bring you this morning's update:For the record, the ratio of fucking to guitar playing is about 30:1. If there was more fucking and less guitar playing that'd be great because fucking only lasts, what...ten minutes (estimate based upon what has been overheard)? The guitar playing can go on for hours and hours. I can tell one is bad, I wouldn't be surprized if the other is as well (see ratio). And I think that if I've managed to go twelve years of smoking without making my house smell like the carpet of a frat house, it ain't fair for some hippies to do it for me. Open a window, get an ionic breeze, move to the East Village. I don't care. This is Park Slope, where fun goes to die. Just shut up already.Love those Park Slope items.
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