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When You've Got to Go, Go in Times Square

Holy, you know. It's an advertising stunt, but how can you pass on a mega-toilet in Times Square that Charmin is opening for the holidays? It will be up and, you know, running from Monday until Dec. 31 and feature 20 state-of-the-art stalls and a crapload a lot of Charmin. As for job opportunities, attendants will "clean up after each use," or so says the New York Times. (Real estate angle: the 8,000 square feet is worth $150-$225 per square foot in rent.) In case you or your tourist friends visiting for the holidays need it, the Huge Times Square Crapper will be at 1540 Broadway, between 45th and 46th Streets. Hours are 8 AM-11PM, but it'll close early on Christmas Day. Also, keep an eye out for people dressed as toilets handing out fliers with the location. There will be a "ceremonial first flush" on Monday. No word on exactly how "ceremonial" it will be.
· Charmin to New York: 'Go in Style' [NYT]