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Greenpoint Heat Cooling Down?

A reader emails: "Any lists out there of new condo buildings that have gone rental?" Nope (that we know of, anyway). But when somebody gets off his or her lazy bum and compiles one, don't forget to add these. Says a tipster:

I took a nice picture of some development in Greenpoint - three buildings nearing completion. I spoke with the project manager, they were originally intended to be condos, but now they might be a mix of market rate rentals and condos. The building in the foreground is located on the southside of Engert Street between Eckford and
Manhattan. The buildings also under construction in the back are located at Eckford and Engert.

Hmm, are these the same buildings as seen the ones seen in the inaugural Greenpoint Challenge entry? Who's got the scoop on these?
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