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New Williamsburg Condos to Offer Free Oil?

So, we've been watching the progress of a big Williamsburg development between N. 10th and N. 11th Street and Roebling with the bucolic name of McCarren Park Mews. That's oil and other gunk seeping out of the ground in the photo above, although the pic loses a certain something without the powerful stench of oil wafting from the site. We also came across a post from earlier this year about a development across N. 11th Street describing the latter as an "ugly, semi-giant, multi-unit building on top of tanks of toxic oil or some other sort of disgusting, poisonous chemical." The Bad Advice blog says of the building next door:

He moved a bunch of people in, no doubt paying insane rents, only to have to evict them within a year after the DEP shut him down. After laying vacant for a couple years, there's been some activity recently. Workers moving out washer/dryers, guys cleaning the windows, etc. Now suddenly a sign goes up, billing it as "luxury condos" for under 500k.Looks like some of the, um, issues might have migrated across the street. On the other hand, the good news is you might have your own source privée of gasoline in the basement.
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