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Final Atlantic Yards Document Released, Partly Digested

The Empire State Development Corp. released the Final Environmental Impact Statement yesterday on the little Brooklyn development proposal known as Atlantic Yards. Approval could come before the end of the month, throwing the project to the Public Authorities Control Board, which could vote by year's end. Here are a few highlights of the commentary and coverage:

1) "A top state official warned of a major roadblock to the plan. Charles Gargano, Gov. Pataki's economic-development czar, said it shouldn't shock anyone if Madison Square Garden's owners try blocking the Atlantic Yards plan." [NYPost]

2) "In a bid to quiet critics, developer Bruce Ratner plans to add a school to his controversial Atlantic Yards Nets arena complex and free subway rides for all ticket-holders. But opponents said the changes don't go far enough. [NYDN]

3) "We we got played. The project, announced at about 8 million square feet in December 2003, was increased to 9.132 million square feet in July 2005, and was cut by the developer on 3/31/06 to 8.659 million square feet." [AYR]

4) "We do not believe the project sponsors have come close to addressing the serious flaws that remain in the project." [Brooklyn Speaks]

5) "Rubberstamped." [DDDB]