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Curbed RentChopper: 55 Berry Unit Takes a Tumble

Was asking: $4,000/month
Now asking: $3,600/month
Relevance?: We don't usually focus on rentals when it comes to The Chop, but when you're talking about Williamsburg's 55 Berry, it's the gift that keeps on giving. We've spotlighted this unit before, a one-bedroom + office that seemed priced a little, uh, high. One clearance sale later, and it looks like the owner had second thoughts about the $4k. Will it get snatched up at this price? We can't really bring ourselves to care right now, because when we were searching for a more up-to-date picture of the building than that PropShark one above, we stumbled upon a Flickr photo set of a dinner party held at 55 Berry in October. It's kind of a mindfuck to see people and their possessions inhabiting those interiors we're used to seeing naked in real estate listings. Example:

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