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GVSHP: Trump Soho Deal Imminent

According to the rabble-rousers at the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, the City has agreed to approve permits for Donald Trump's 45-story condo-hotel on Spring Street in Hudson Square, a David Rockwell vision with 400 rooms and a spa. The closed-door decision obviously has the GVSHP up in arms, and the tone of their email (sent out just past midnight) pretty much says it all:

With this decision, the City has granted Trump what amounts to a change in zoning regulations which will not only allow him to develop high-rise condo-hotels in manufacturing districts where they were supposed to be prohibited, but will allow ANY DEVELOPER TO DO THE SAME. This decision was made without any of the public hearings, public votes, or environmental reviews which such a decision should require; instead, the City simply opted to interpret the zoning regulations to say that the Trump condo-hotel is a “transient hotel” and not a residence or a residential hotel, the equivalent of shoving a 45-story square peg into a round hole.

Well, if this is the truth, doesn't it means that the 45-story square peg is actually getting shoved into a square hole? What's the problem with that?
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