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CurbedWire: Stern, Stables, Jade Bares it All

Let's round out the week with a little CurbedWire, shall we?

1) West Village: More on what's to come on the site of the suddenly fast-moving Superior Ink deconstruction. Reports a CurbedWire operative, "I'm 90% sure the architect for the project is Robert Stern. I believe it was originally Gwathmy Seigel. But I know the Superior Ink name has been floating around the RAMSA office for almost a year now." While we let that sink in, check these new demo photos via GVSHP, above, with bonus shots on the other side of that link. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Upper West Side: That didn't take long. After the Landmark Commission's decision to not landmark a garage on West 76th, developers are ready to get building. A tipster emails, "I got the letter in the mail last night: garage on West 76th being torn down; car has to be out by 12/31. At least two of the garages in the area are coming down. One already has scaffolding around it. I expect there will soon be an automobile diaspora spreading from the UWS, as there is unlikely to be enough remaining garage space to accommodate all the cars that are bring forced out." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Chelsea: A tipster points out a Pop Bitch item about designer du jour Jade Jagger (above), saying "Exotic parentage and years living in Ibiza have certainly turned Jade Jagger into a free spirit. When conducting interviews in her role as Creative Director of Asprey Jade likes to be totally nude." Queries our tipster, "Will she be naked in the pods?" And with that, happy weekend. [CurbedWire Inbox]