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Hunts Point is the New Williamsburg

We haven't made it out to Hunts Point in The Bronx awhile, so we're indebted to blogger Manhattan Offender for this first-hand report:

My mind filled with thoughts of gentrification. Hunts Point, like Williamsburg, is situated along the East River. Similar to Williamburg's division by the BQE, Hunts Point has the Bruckner Expressway. Both areas feature large industrial spaces, perfect for artist lofts. Looking out the car window it occurred to me that the area must already be gentrified. The people on the street looked just like the people in Williamsburg. A mix of ethnicities is common in neighborhood, but what really struck me was the fashionable girls. Asymmetrical haircuts and shoulder-slung blouses. Tight mini/micro-skirts with patterned tights. Minimal makeup with bright red lips. If anything this neighborhood had per capita more fashion than Williamsburg. The women here looked to have stepped directly out of the latest issue of W.

Came his driver to shatter the daydream: "Yeah, this neighborhood has lots of potential, but it'll never go anywhere until they get rid of all these damned crack whores."
· Hunts Point is the New Williamsburg [Manhattan Offender]