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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Introducing Hell Square (46 comments)
"i like to call it insomnia--for me, on thurs., fri., and sat."
2) Final Atlantic Yards Document Released, Partly Digested (37 comments)
"could this be ugliest building in the western world?"
3) Development Update-o-Rama: Court Street Lofts (32 comments)
"A price drop and of nearly 20%? I New York City? I don't believe that's possible. This is New York City and real estate prices never go down."
4) BREAKING: Columbia Business School Heads North (26 comments)
"I've written about this project. It's not only going to take 25-30 years, it's going to take several BILLION dollars. Even an Ivy League has trouble coming up with that much money (unless it's Harvard). The land-use review alone will take probably about five years. So if you're living in the area, it's a little premature to start packing."