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David Walentas Hates Starbucks & Chain Drugstores

Dumbo developer David Walentas doesn't like Starbucks. Really doesn't like them. The man who owns nearly three-fourths of the neighborhood tells the Brooklyn Papers he's not down with the Starbucks that opened more than a year ago in a building he doesn't own. Specifically, he says, "I hate that Starbucks...We don't need that Starbucks.” Also, Walentas won't let a chain drugstore into his retail space and is holding out for an independent pharmacy. (Nearest place to get a prescription filled in Dumbo is currently Brooklyn Heights.) Says the Champion of Mom & Pop: "Duane Reade would love to come in here, but we won’t have them. They'd pay whatever we ask, but we don’t need another place that sells Cokes and chips. We need a real pharmacy where they know you." The Walentas quest for a small pharmacy has been going on for some time with no takers so far.
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