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Storefronting: Best Buy Spreads, Whole Lotta Shoes

1) Union Square: We don't really get why everyone is trying to sell you a cell phone, because if you're like us, you're already locked into a 10-year contract inked in baby blood. Nevertheless, Best Buy wants in on this business, so a Best Buy Mobile store (the first?) is coming to Union Square. Should be open pretty soon.

2) Red Hook: Now, after you strike oil in Red Hook, there's a new jewelry store to blow your cash in. Erie Basin on Van Brunt Street has A Brooklyn Life all excited, because of the antique jewelry sold right alongside the newer stuff. Kinda like Red Hook itself, in a way. [A Brooklyn Life]

3) Park Slope: This is how you get answers in Bloggyland. You ask, then you ask again: "Is it really going to be a hot dog restaurant, as I heard last year. Is the renovation still going on? What's the story here. Anyone know? It's on Fifth Avenue between 4th and 5th Streets across from MS 51 (right)." Hmm, we thought only the blog knew Brooklyn. Apparently not. [OTBKB]

4) Central Village: "Walking down 11th street between University and Broadway. Right around the corner from the Dean and Deluca on University I turned the corner and there is a gorgeous brand new store 'wagwear' for dogs. High end fashion for dogs.....the store is ADORABLE. Very beautifully done. The owner tells me it just opened on Saturday. Also" [Storefronting inbox]

5) Soho: SFrontinFan1: you know the old Patricia Fields BIG space on W. broadway and... um, spring?
SFrontinFan1: it was like, half in the basement, half 1st floor,
SFrontinFan1: it's going to be home to this insane new shoe store concept, the LARGEST womens shoe store in manhattan
SFrontinFan1: called Te Casan
SFrontinFan1: opens...
SFrontinFan1: this month, on the 30th, I think