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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Village Robots

Answers below to Tuesday's reader questions. If you've got a better answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, send us a line at

1) Greenwich Village: No news, only a tortured sigh, about the closing storefronts on Thompson between Bleecker and Houston. "Anonymous" offers this commentary: "The landlord not renewing those leases on Bleeker and Thompson must be a serious A-Hole! The pharmacy was the best around and the workers were real people unlike the robots at CVS across the street and the new Duane Read down the block." Hey, listen, when there are luxe condos on the block (above), there must be robots to serve them.
2) Park Slope: Similar lack of intel about the sold old produce market space 7th ave between berkeley and union, but there is a fascinating discussion in the comments about the relationship between Akron, Ohio and the North Slope. Best we can tell, they are "sister 'hoods."
3) UWS/Harlem: Okay, for the real news portion of this post, we turn to some uptown movie theaters. First, a confident-sounding prediction about the shuttered Metro Twin, on Broadway and 99th st: "The Metro Theater will be back; but not sure when. I do know that when the Ariel bought the air rights surrounding the property, part of the deal was that they couldn't tear down the Metro. The rumor is that they will even help to restore the Metro to it's faded Art Deco glory (since that certainly will make the Ariel more attractive to buyers) but I have not heard a timetable. But rest assured: it's not going anywhere." Meanwhile, regarding the teasing 'Movie Palace' sign in the window of the old Claremont Theater as 135th & Broadway, reader says, "Yes, it is a movie set, there was a crew filming this monrning, which unfortunately means it will probaly return to being some kind of boring retail site after they have finished."