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Pomeranc on Allen: Candle in the Wind

With Alphabet City residents celebrating the de-interestingness of their neighborhood, residents of the Lower East Side naturally don't want to feel left out.

From the Curbed inbox: "Sure, the new Jason Pomeranc Hotel (above, center) on the Lower East Side is out of scale and probably destroying all the neighboring buildings on Orchard Street. However, as one of the many people that walks past it every day on the way to the subway, I'm offering an argument for the partial completion of the project..."

"When fully completed, it will most likely resemble the bland, lame glass-and-brick of Avalon Chrystie, rather than, say, the more thoughtful glass-and-concrete of THOR. However, in its current skeletal state, the structure can be unexpectedly dazzling. The construction crew has strewn lengths of temporary lighting through each floor. When it's really windy in the evenings, as it was this past weekend, the hundreds of dangling lights sway back and forth. The whole building looks like one giant, flickering candle. It's a surprisingly warm and comforting visual.

Once completed, the building looks to be austere and cold--either despite or thanks to the efforts of the surely hip interior designers. But for now, it's a nice little flame that's earnestly lighting my walk home. I don't suppose there's a way to get an indefinite stop-work order, is there? I think the unfinished structure adds more character to the neighborhood than any completed structure could."

Genius. Someone start the online petition; we'll happily sign.
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