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Ask Curbed: My Neighbor's a Party Animal, What To Do?

From a reader, comes the age-old New York question:

I own a unit in a condominium and have a very difficult neighbor – very noisy, parties all night, lots of drugs, a total nuisance. Because the building is a condo and not a co-op, there are relatively few options for the building, the board, the management company, or individual owners to address this situation. The board has hired an attorney and is seeking an injunction, but it is not clear that having one will do much good from a practical perspective – the guy is just a jerk. Perhaps the building can fine this guy, but, again, it is not clear that they can make him pay (or that fines will be meaningful, anyway). Do any readers have suggestions on how to “force” a change in this person’s behavior? Legal, operational, psychological suggestions would be appreciated. Even better (though no doubt difficult), how to get rid of a bad guy in a condo?Suggestions and commentary?
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