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William Beaver House Revealed (Rated: NC-17)

After we noticed the black beaver stalking Pianos, you knew it was only a matter of time until Andre Balazs' new William Beaver House revealed itself. And so, per today's NYT, the downtown building at the corners of William and Beaver Streets will feature 330 units—units with edge, bitch:

In the race to attract high-end condo buyers, the martini-sipping mascot is aimed straight at the downtown singles market. Anyone arriving at the building’s entrance will pass under a glass-bottomed Jacuzzi on the sun terrace of the health club on the floor above. The lobby includes a conversation pit with a fireplace, left, a billiards table and a bar... Bathtubs feature louvered walls opening onto the bedrooms; this is housing rated NC-17.... “I see the buyers here as hard-driving young Wall Streeters who work late at the office, eat out a lot and would welcome coming home to a like-minded community,” Mr. Balazs said.

The sales office, slated to open November 20, will serve up apartments from $890,000 for a one-bedroom to $2.5 million for the penthouse with terrace, which if you're going to be serious about this whole impress-your-junior-Goldman colleagues thing, is really the only way to go.
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