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559 West 23rd St.: A History

The Day chronicles the checkered history of The Gallery, a proposed 13-story condominum project that was to be built at 559 West 23rd Street, on the site of a former auto shop. As Chelsea gentrified, the family decided to convert their business into condos. They partnered with the team behind 1 York to get the project off the ground. That's when everything turned sour. Some of the highlights:

1) 13 complaints, 39 code violations
2) Stop-work order from the Department of Buildings
3) Lawsuits alleging fraud, conspiracy and misuse of funds

The project was supposed to be completed early this year but is still just a empty piece of land. While the original landowner waits for his day in court, the developers who now control the property look to be the big winners. Developer Joseph Gentile merrily adds, "West 23rd Street is the hottest block in New York City. I'm in a good place, and I have a lot of options."
·One Small Lot, One Big Mess [The Day]