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Alphabet City Not as Cool as Perhaps Thought

Time for a collective bitchslap to the residents of Alphabet City for dishing out some of the most painful quotes about their home turf that we've seen in awhile. A sampler, from today's Post hypepiece about the microhood:

1) "I feel like it has a stigma attached that's slowly being erased."
2) "She said that a couple of blocks away they're renting one-bedrooms for $3,500!"
3) "I've seen it change so gradually. You wake up one morning and you say, 'Wow. Nothing's the same.'"
4) "Everybody knows everybody. It's almost like this isn't Manhattan."

For any doubters left out there, one bit of fresh data from the article: in the past three weeks, eight of the 24 units at new development One Avenue B have sold.
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