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CurbedWire: We Know How This Picture Ends

1) Upper West Side: Can the Movie Place be saved? A tipster spotted the above flier advocating telephone petitioning this morning in the 103rd street subway station. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Williamsburg: A tipster reports from 55 Berry, home of a rent chop and a once-in-a-lifetime sale: "Guess things didn't really pan out the way they expected at 55 Berry The Madness has begun - THIS SUNDAY AND MONDAY ONLY (13th and 14th Nov.????)'. As if the 'one time' chance for colossal savings weren't enough of a desperate move in the first place, they have officially waved the white flag by continuing to use the same week-old ad. What don't they understand about the phrase 'one time event'? It's like KISS' farewell tour I suppose. Buy em now, or buy em...whenever you want!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Chelsea: Finally, a home shopper checked in at luxury High-Line high-rise the Caledonia, and reports, "Been looking at the Caledonia. $1300 PSF but not ready for two whole years (Fall 08). Thought that the West facing apartments would get a view of the Hudson, but apparently not until 17th floor (of 24 or 25), so that shot the whole project for me - I found a nice layout facing West but if all I can see is brick industrial building, then its not worth the price or the wait, or the long walk from the 8th Avenue subway past the projects, unless thats supposed to make it cooler." [CurbedWire Inbox]