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In The Bronx, It's George's Hole!

If we're going to obsess over Trump's Hole in Soho, we probably should check in on George Steinbrenner's Hole currently growing in The Bronx. Courtesy of Power Plays, here's the first look we've seen of the denuded New Yankee Stadium site, excavation of which is, of course, unsettling some neighbors:

Touring the north end of the construction site along 164th Street, where a few remnant tennis courts will soon give way to a multi-story parking garage for Yankees players and execs, Hester notes, "I don't walk on that side because the rats are so fat." Since construction began, she says, overflowing trash cans and blowing debris have been the routine. "I'm from the old school, where you teach your kids to pick up your garbage."Click through for another pic—and the palpable taste of dust as you read.
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