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Plastic Balconies & Bare Lobbies: Greenpoint is Great!

Sure, we like to gently mock Greenpoint's development boom, but there's always a dark underside to shiny new buildings. Like, say, when the projects stall. New blog City Seen is only two posts old, but both delve into the phenomenon of seemingly unwanted Greenpoint developments. First up is Manhattan Park, made up of 271 Driggs Ave. (#1; stop work order issued) and 279 Driggs (#2; occasional glimpses of humans, wooden panels come and go). City Seen also takes a detailed look at 55 Eckford Street (#3; security guard long since departed, rumors of no more money flying). We're starting to get ghost town vibes from looking at these pictures.
· Stalled? - Driggs and Manhattan [City Seen]
· Stalled - Hello 55 Eckford Street [City Seen]