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Boo Boo Could Delay Atlantic Yards Approval Until '07

As it turns out, the mistake that the Empire State Development Corporation announced on Monday about omissions from the humongous Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Atlantic Yards proposal could delay approval until after the Governorship changes hands. Crain's is reporting a new document will actually be printed by and voted on again on Monday, Nov. 27. Earlier, a source had reported that the ESDC wouldn't vote on the document again until Dec 10-15. (ESDC Chair Charles Gargano ordered "a thorough quality control" review after the mistakes were found, so we're guessing it all depends on how "thorough" he meant.) Once the ESDC votes again, ten days have to pass before it can give final approval to the project. Confused yet? You will be in a moment. After the ESDC votes, the State Comptroller gets seven days to review the project. Then, it goes to the all-powerful Public Authorities Control Board, which also has to approve it.

In any case, the Nov. 27 re-issuing scenario would technically leave room for a PACB vote over the holidays. The Dec. 10 scenario all but makes it impossible. Either way, it's starting to look like the Gov.-elect may yet get to handle Brooklyn's hottest potato. You can almost hear those Thanksgiving gratitude lists being tentatively revised.
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UPDATE: The Empire State Development Corp. has confirmed that a revised report including comments that were left out will be ready for the Board's 9AM meeting on Monday..