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EVil/LES Skyline, Before n' After

This here is a photo from April 2006 sent along by a special Curbed correspondent. He writes, "These buildings aren’t in Greenpoint, but there are still several in a row:

1) is a very stalled development at 213 (?) East 2nd Street
2) is former building of the day OneAvenueB
3) is 19-21 Clinton, once compared by Curbed to a Hampton Inn
4) is BLUE."

After the jump, a photograph from this month. Compare and contrast! Enjoy the drywall! (Also, just for the hell of it, we're dropping a haunting Kalina shot of the rising Pomeranc LES hotel on the other side, too. Not to be missed.)

Below, taken from the back garden of Core191 (f/k/a Heirloom, f/k/a about 16 other places that have since gone under), this is Kalina's view of Jason Pomerac's rising spa/hotel/thing.

Mordor, indeed.
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