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Serving Up Juicy Real Estate Turkeys

The Post's Braden Keil takes a timely look at the biggest real estate turkeys in NYC and the Hamptons; that is, "fat properties that have sat on the market for years." Among the gobbledegook are two longtime Curbed faves:

1) Upper East Side Martin Zweig's $70 million penthouse at The Pierre (above). Still posh! Still overpriced! [Curbed, BHS]
2) Central Village: The eternally-on-the-market Sky Studios penthouse at 704 Broadway. Now marketed by the CORE Group, seems the price has jumped from $20m to $22.5m since the last time we checked in. Tricky! [Curbed, CORE]

It is our fond hope -- nay, our conviction -- that these properties never sell, so our children can relish the same joy in tracking them as we have.
· Talking Turkeys [NYPost]