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Development Du Jour: Maison East

For those worried about the degradation of the Upper East Side—uhhh, yeah. For your consideration: Maison East, a renovated condo development on Third Avenue (between 81st/82nd, built in 1985 as Turnberry Tower). Because we adore press releases, here's the gem quote from the press materials sent our way:

"Maison East is undoubtedly one of the most exciting new condominium developments on the Upper Eastside to date, offering fashionable, elegant and spacious homes for which the area is renowned," commented Hy Chalmé, BSD's Residential Development Manager. "We are thrilled to provide buyers with top-quality renovations, products and finishes at prices significantly lower than many comparable out-of-the-ground developments."Somewhere, Tom Wolfe weeps. Meantime, for those lacking his qualms, the sales office for Maison East has just opened. Units from 775 to 1,700sqft start above $700,000, with occupancy promised early next year. Oh, also: how sweet is the rendering of the renovated lobby (above)? Captures so much of the Upper Eastside [sic] essence in one sweeping panorama, no? If the doorman is really that happy, apartments here will be totally worth whatever they're asking for them.
· Maison East [Official Site]