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New Williamsburg Tall Building Smackdown Coming

There have been odd rumblings in Williamsburg around Grand Street and Driggs for some time. Now, a tipster writes that the smackdown is imminent:

An organized posse is getting ready for a big fight with 225 Grand Street. They have been cleaning out thousands of buttons and lace from K Trimmings for weeks and the apartment tenants have long been kicked out. Their Karl Fischer 15 story plans (in the inset in the photo) have been nixed and word on the street is that the area of Driggs and Grand has been proposed for a more resident friendly downzoning.The rub is that downzoning could take a year, so we sense an episode of Beat the Downzone coming. Organizers are planning to go to a Community Board meeting on Tuesday night:We may even not be in time since the developer is making noises about doing demolition in a few weeks. If the foundation is in the ground before the zoning amendment is in force (and that will take nearly a year!) we're sunk. We will need to devise some delaying tactics...I wouldn't be surprised if there will be an illegal demolition to speed things up.There are also plans to build a highrise in a currently vacant lot that's visible in the corner of the photo.
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