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Chambers Street Suddenly Too Cool for You

According to Wikipedia, TriBeCa?a syllabic abbreviation of "Triangle Below Canal Street"?is an industrial district, once dominated by warehouse structures, that in the last decade has undergone a major revitalization. How major? Just have a looksie at the once forlorn Chambers Street, which gets the spotlight treatment from David Lombino in The Sun today. The story points out that there are nearly a dozen residential projects being worked on in just the two-block stretch between Broadway and Greenwich Street. With so much action, how can a new development stand out?

For that answer we turn to S. Jhoanna Robelo in New York, who offers some in-depth analysis of 200 Chambers' new ad campaign, which pimp-slaps the Observer and their so-called journalism by targeting bonus babies and ignoring everyone else. Check out the ad at right, now plastered all over phone booths in the financial district, for the gist of the campaign. Will it work? It better. About 450 brokers have signed up for an upcoming "gearing up for bonus season" seminar, and we all know that time is money.
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