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It Happened One Weekend: Backyard Living

1) We go Window Shopping at 255 Hudson, where the on-site broker plays up the exotic building materials (Norwegian Flammet slate), and learn that many of the units come with actual laundry rooms, a true Manhattan rarity. The ultimate amenity:the huge backyards with grass lawns attached to the townhouses. Who cares if the entire building can watch you sunbathing from above? And there is good news; even though the building is 75% sold, one townhouse is still available. [Suzanne Slesin/Window Shopping]

2) New York's tight rental market has driven landlords to tighten their tenant requirements. Six month security deposits, multiple guarantors and perfect credit and renting histories are now almost mandatory before landlords will approve an application. And even if your history is perfect, you have the money and a steady job, landlords can still find a reason to reject you. Being a lawyer is a big no no, because they can be too darn litigious. [Only The Strong Survive/NY Times]

3) Judith King had looked at more than 100 apartments around Manhattan over a 2 year period. She was desperate to leave the Upper East Side, where she had lived her entire life, but her search for a West Village home was fruitless. She began to look back North at the Cielo where she was impressed by the vibe, saying "what a groovy building, what a smokin’ building.” Thats when she knew she was home. Ms. King picked up an airy two-bedroom for $1.68 million and its been the bees knees ever since. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

4) East New York gets its on Food Co-Op, providing its residents with the fresh produce and high quality food previously unavailable at the area's bodegas and aging food markets. It has the same volunteer requirement as the Park Slope Co-Op, and some neighbors can't fathom paying a membership fee to shop. Others, like Tajuana Harris, sing its praises, saying “Now I don’t have to go to Downtown Brooklyn to find a vegetarian store.” [East New York Neighborhood Report/The City]