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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Post-Thanksgiving Butter

With Thanksgiving hitting and Braden Keil talking turkeys, not much juicy celebrestate gossip, but here's some arty stuff...

1) The family of Greenwich Village poet Stanley Kunitz, who died in May at 100, is selling his four-bedroom co-op in the Butterfield House for $2.25 million. The former Poet Laureate lived there with his wife, the painter Elise Asher. The Butterfield, on West 12th Street, is regularly noted as one of the best post-war buildings in this great city. The classic 7 unit (floorplan above) has a solarium and central a/c, and will probably inspire you to finish up that screenplay you've been kicking around. Or not. [S. Jhoanna Robledo/Movers]

2) How bad did Cambodia's U.N. ambassador want his country to buy celebrity photographer Ormond Gigli's east side townhouse? Not only did he convince the kingdom to plunk down $5.5 million for it, but he also got them to pay a potential buyer $300,000 not to purchase the home before they did. Why the effort? The dude's stuck living in Forest Hills right now, and you know that ain't nothing to brag about in the U.N. cafeteria. [Josh Barbanel/Big Deal]

3) S. Jhoanna Robledo also notes in her Movers column that a source said Lucy Liu "has been seen" at Jade Jagger's pod factory. Once this whole thing collapses, is there any doubt that Jade will be in Top 5 of most-mocked condo buildings? [SJR]