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CurbedWire: Macy's Moving On Up?

1) Harlem: Is 125th Street about to get a new major department store? A reader writes, "I emailed a few weeks back inquiring about the happenings on 125th and Lenox. They’ve been clearing the lot and demolishing buildings since then, but there’s no info about what’s planned for the site. then in the comments thread yesterday someone dropped the bomb that they’re putting in a Macy’s. Can that be possible? Sounds HIGHLY improbable, but does anyone have hard intel?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Miscellany: Newsflash: Giving out your information at open houses may not be as harmless as it seems. A tipster who is currently looking to buy fills us in: "I'm not sure if anyone's made mention of this, but after a couple of weekends' worth of filling out sign-in sheets at open houses i'm suddenly starting to get spam from mortgage companies. not a stretch to think that emails from sign-up sheets could be mined and sold?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Greenwich Village: Finally, StorefrontingWire from the NYU-area retail front: "Cedar Tavern closed tonight [ed: Saturday] and-- on the very same block-- the hardware/houseware store at 90 University Place suddenly and w/o explanation closed it's door about just over a week ago." [CurbedWire Inbox]