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Bayard Street Update #1: Slow on Karl Fischer Row

We stopped by to have a look at Bayard Street, that row of tall buildings along McCarren Park also known as Karl Fischer Row, and noted very slow but steady progress on the buildings. (Today's challenge: spot the changes from a photo shot in May.) The buildings are from left to right, The Ikon at 50 Bayard with 70 units (the building with the six-story protrusion) and the Aurora at 30 Bayard with 40 units. (When last we heard from the Aurora, it was to report a signficant price chop.) The tallest of the buildings is 20 Bayard, with 56 units. At the rate things seem to be going, it would be safe to predict completion by, say, 2008. (More on another Bayard Street building, The Lotus, in a bit.)
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