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Rushmore Making Friends With Neighbors

Construction began today on The Rushmore, the much-anticipated sequel to Extell's other UWS tower the Avery. Things on set got off to a shaky start, as a neighbor reports:

"This morning at 5:40AM construction workers began drilling at The Riverside Rushmore, the new extell development. Turns out the neighbors at 75 WEA and 101 WEA didn't take so kindly to being awoken so early. NYC building code is very clear that construction work cannot begin until 7AM so this was a flagrant violation of City code. By 9AM today, the Manhattan Borough President, and the local Council Member and Assembly member had all been contacted about this issue and were investigating it. Can't Bovis wait until 7AM like everyone else to start construction?"Well, the faster they work, the sooner we get another performance by Seal.
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