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110 Livingston Crowned, Open

Some news now about 110 Livingston, we presume? The Two Trees Brooklyn development that keeps on giving (757 and counting!) is having a big week of announcements. First, news came that Phase 1 of its global domination is now sold out, and Phase 2 sales are kicking off. This coincides with the topping off of the building's crown, meaning that customers can now schedule an actual viewing of the building. Huzzah! The second piece of news is that Two Trees will celebrate the crowning of 110 Livingston as our eternal king and ruler on December 5th, when all buyers are invited up the to 10th floor for a little late afternoon meet-and-greet-and-how-are-ya. If you ever wished that your Curbed comments RSS feed would just simmer down a little, this might be a good opportunity to issue a stern talking-to.
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