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South Slope Condo Feud Getting Pretty Ugly

The residents of 229 16th Street in the South Slope were pretty bummed about the new Scarano & Associates-designed condo building going up next door (uh, we'll let you figure out from the picture which building is which). Their general bummedness turned to anger after a long series of construction violations (their siding was gashed, equipment was dumped on their roof, workers frolicked on their property, etc.), and the end result is this website, titled 229 vs. 231. Check out the long timeline to learn the backstory of this conflict, which has gotten so out-of-hand that the 229ers are getting emails that go a little something like this: "you are such a mother fucker full you could make 200 web site 90% is all ready SOLD OUT FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If only all "90% sold!" press releases were written like that.
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