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Rumblings & Bumblings: What Comes After Q?

Rumblings returns from its Thanksgiving hiatus with a fresh batch of reader queries. If you've got an answer, another question, or a sweet, sweet digital pic, drop a line at make something happen in the comments below.

1) Chelsea: A reader writes, "What's going on at 220 W.19th? Q (the bar on the ground floor) has been out of business for almost exactly a year, and now the entrance to the building is padlocked and all the windows covered over."
2) Williamsburg: "Noticed activity around the long defunct theatre at Broadway and Rodney here in So. W'burg and then a few days later signs from a demolition company. Any idea of they're gutting/renovating the place or if it's just coming down to be replaced by more yuppie hives?"
3) Gramurray: Our rental car industry source emailed last week to report that the Hertz at 146 E. 23rd street has been sold. C'mon now, wipe away the tears. He's got a question for you: "Rented a car there yesterday and the workers told me the last day is 11/26. They said it was sold to baruch to build a dorm. Doesn't see wide enough for that. Doubt the postoffice is moving, so does anyone know of the residential build next door (144 E24th) is sold too? There is scafolding in front of it."