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Gowanus Squatters Looking for New Abandoned Building

A few weeks ago, there was a little tempest over an abandoned power station in Gowanus affectionately known as the Batcave. Dozens of junkie squatters were occupying the place and, well, partying hard. Not anymore. Developer Shaya Boymelgreen--it's been a while since we were able to get a fix of Boymelgreen--has sealed the place off and posted a guard, according to the Daily News. He's got the land earmarked for his Gowanus Village project, which could someday include four and six-story townhouses and a 10-story loft building of as many as 350 condos and rental apartments. Also, the new Gowanus Whole Foods is pretty much opening across the street. None of which leaves room for squatters in a "decadent drug culture that was consumed with vicious infighting." If you can't have that kind of thing in Gowanus, where can you have it nowadays? First, Astroland is sold and, now, this.
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