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Gehry's IAC HQ: Still Flipped, Don't Panic

A Curbed reader emails, "Someone should get a picture of the IAC at night. The building looks 10x better at night when the frit disappears and you can truly see the shape of the building." Intrepid photoblogger Joe Schumacher has us covered—check his gallery of IAC night shots, including the one above that confirms the building is still, despite recent efforts, flipped out.

Meantime, Page Six reports on a supposed oddity of the building; namely, a bullet-proof bunker built for IAC head honcho Barry Diller. Not true, says Diller: "I am more vulnerably attackable in the bathroom than everyone else is at their desks. Not that I particularly want to advertise that." Word on the street has IAC move-in to the new digs set for Q1 2007, bizspeak for early next year.
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