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Storefronting: All-Downtown Edition

Storefronting reports on the changing NYC retail scene with an eye towards how the comings and goings affect neighborhoods. Seen something new in your neck of the woods? Drop a line to, svp.

1) Lower East Side: We linked it yesterday, but for emphasis: timeless bakery Gertel's now says it isn't closing after all. Given that the rumor started a month back in Storefronting before leapfrogging to Grub Street and beyond, our most sincere apologies. [Loho 10002]

2) Lower East Side: More from the LES, as a reader reports, "The block of Rivington just east of Bowery is becoming quite the retail thoroughfare. First Freemans opened up its old-time barbershop, and then last night I noticed the finishing touches being put on a new Timberland store across the street." [Storefronting Inbox]

3) Lower East Side: Hide the kids—LES threefer! Citysearch's impressive Fashion Geek blog, which somehow snuck right past us, files a report on a new Rivington Street spa, Evergreen Day Spa. It's located right next door to bar du moment The Marshall Stack, and to our eyes, almost certainly looks like a front for something. [Fashion Geek]

4) East Village/Soho: On the food and drink side of the ledger, the Gods giveth and taketh. In Soho, rumors of Jerry's demise prove to be exaggerated, while in the carnage-filled Upper East Village, Korova Milk Bar becomes the latest victim. [Eater]

5) East Village: CBGB Fashions won't be opening at demonic 666 Bond Street after all. They're scouting for new space in the nabe, perhaps on St. Mark's Place. [The Real Estate]

6) Soho: Remember Wired Magazine's pop-up store at 160 Wooster Street last holiday season? Another chance to forget arrives November 17, at the same locale. [Newyorkology]