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Greenpoint: "Uglier Than the Morons Who Work There"

For today's Brooklyn neighborhood commentary, we turn to the Parks Department employee who penned an essay about Greenpoint that he says is a big joke that nobody gets. Highlights include a reference to residents as "vermin." Gothamist reproduces most of the essay, which has either since been removed from the Haverford College alumni magazine website or is the victim of a very curious glitch. A sample:

Greenpoint’s problems are no laughing matter, and they won’t be solved by teaching the locals how to wear pants. The Greenpoint business district, for example, is even uglier than the morons who work there. Shoddy hand-made signage pollutes the storefront windows, and some of the signs aren’t even in English...One thing I do worry about is that Greenpoint will gentrify incorrectly. This is what’s happening in adjacent Williamsburg, where the Hasidic Jews are being displaced by hipsters. Sure, their parents give them enough money to keep the neighborhood looking decent, but the new population is almost as annoying as the old one.There's a lot more to it, so do read and decide if it's knee-slapping satire or not.
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