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Development Du Jour: The Galaxy

Naming a new development is an art form, to be sure. So let us salute a developer who is clearly a true artist—as is anyone with balls to name this Long Island City squat, brick-clad building The Galaxy. Queens blog OuterB adds, "It leads me to expect the full Star Trek treatment at this weekend’s open house. I hope when the first residents move in this winter that they are required to wear uniforms."

Per the listings at Elliman, this "boutique condo" is located just a block from the 7 train Vernon/Jackson stop (not to mention a stone's throw from 495). A 1,206sqft 2BR is asking $868,000 (open houses this weekend by appointment only). Worth it if for nothing more than this awesome amenity: "All residents will enjoy a tropical beach-like experience atop a 5000 sq ft common roof deck, furnished with outdoor beds, showers and cabanas while taking in panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline." (The showers, you have to admit, really seal the deal.)
· Listing: 50-3 50th Avenue [Elliman via OuterB]

LIC BONUS: For those seeking to understand the mysterious allure of Long Island City, the QueensWest crew is hosting one of their famed pub crawls this weekend.