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Squatter's Revenge: 120 St. Marks Place Fights Back

Trouble continues at 120 St Marks Place. The former Cave Artists squat, which has already been slapped with stop work orders, was the scene of an accident last weekend. The shots, via East Village blog Neither More Nor Less, show damage to the scaffolding that was blown to the ground on Saturday night. (One car was crushed, but no one was injured.)

Why the blow-down? Apparently there was a visible gap in the scaffolding net that, according to NMNL, "exists because the crane used to lift materials to the roof was too short to approach the building and thus sections of scaffolding and protective netting were removed to make way for this too small crane." This is not developer Ben Shaoul's first run in with the DOB, who has been active in rehabbing various downtown buildings and has been known to get dirty himself.
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