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CurbedWire: Apt. Surfing, Toy Factory, 'Next Bed-Stuy'

Let's serve up some CurbedWire, the end-of-day gossip, rumor, and observational cornucopia via readers like you. Got some Wire? Hit the tipline.

1) Upper West Side: A tipster spots the above in the window of the Halstead office on West 79th and Columbus Avenue: "Works well." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Downtown Brooklyn: An update from the Toy Factory, where a tipster has tracked the sales progress of this unit, saying "I wanted to note that the unit just sold at its current asking price of 799k. Unit originally sold for 645. So, as I just posted, it seems the bldg is doing ok (not great) keeping and increasing value in current slump." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) East New York: Is a major renovation coming to this little mentioned part of Brooklyn? A tipster reports, "East New York, that's right in East New York, the reported 'next bed-stuy' will be the home of a 1,000 unit conversion. Seems to be legit, and OH MY GOD, actually made with the community in mind. I was at a Fillmore real estate career night at the Marriott last night and the broker said that local banks, and associations have ear marked up to 25% discounts for low-income families in the area. so they can afford to buy-in with rates as low as 4.5%, if this is true it will be a win for the low-income housing needed in NYC. I believe they said 'Fairfield,' but I am not familiar with this area in East New York." [CurbedWire Inbox]