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A Shot of Vinegar Hill

Dumbo blog Dumbo NYC ambles over to Vinegar Hill, that time warp feeling hamlet north of Dumbo, to take a look at things this week. First, there's The Vista condo on Front Street, which is reportedly about 2/3 sold with no significant PriceChops noted. Then, there's the case of two Vinegar Hill townhomes at 100 and 102 Gold that are being sold as development site package for $2.5 million, though the website seems to indicate an initial asking price of $3.2M, which would be signficant PriceChoppage. Speaking of Ye Old Price Axe, they're right across from Good Old 99 Gold, where after an orgy of PriceChopping things don't seem to have been chopped too much more deeply. Still plenty of availability, though.
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