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PriceChopper: One Bed, Big Price in Museum Tower

Original asking: $3,100,000
Now asking: $2,895,5000
Of interest: Even after the drop, this is a pricey one-bedroom ($2,400+ per square foot), but it has some pedigree. It's on a "high floor" in Midtown's chic Museum Tower condominium, meaning your views up to Central Park are bitchin' and your terrace overlooks the MoMA's sculpture garden. Impressed yet? One tipster isn't: "Just as point of ref - this 2BR is $1500/SF less overall & appears to be on high floor." True, but then you need to spend all that cash furnishing the extra space, and then out-of-town friends will want to stay with you, etc., etc.
· Listing: West 53rd Street Condominium [BHS]