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Storefronting: Brooklyn Edition

1) Greenpoint: How psyched was blogger Tien Mao that Greenpoint got some new bagels? At first pretty psyched. But then he tried the product at Baker's Dozen Bagels, and he became considerably less psyched. Then he saw they spell Greenpoint as two words, and, well, the psychedness further plummeted. [Tien Mao]

2) Bed-Stuy: Is a Starbucks a "vote of confidence" for an on-the-rise neighborhood? That's the topic over at the Brooklyn Record, which passes on the rumor that a 'Bucks is set to open in Restoration Plaza, on Fulton Street. Says a commenter: "I'll still go to Bush Baby and Bread Stuy for my caffeine addiction, but if I'm over near Restoration Plaza, I'll drop my cash at Starbucks as well." [Brooklyn Record]

3) Dumbo: Upscale clothing boutique Zoe opened up inside our old friend 70 Washington. We're not sure what this means for Dumbo (other than saving residents a train ride when buying Jimmy Choo's), but when we get a chance to mention 70 Washington, we jump on it. [DumboNYC]

4) Williamsburg: Citysearch is out with their list of the 10 best new stores of 2006, and two Brooklyn shops made the cut: Bittersweets (handmade jewelry) at 37 Broadway, and Jumelle (clothes) at 148 Bedford. Uniqlo (damn you, Uniqlo!) was the overall winner, so expect a flood of bizarre Japanese T-shirt walls in every new store. [Citysearch]