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New Building Brings Awkwardly Named Luxury to EVill

What's that up above, a trendy new members-only club in the Meatpacking District? Nope, just New York's fabulous East Village. The A Building to be exact, which has been shrouded in mystery for a little while now as it springs up between 13th and 14th Streets near Avenue A. The development's website has some renderings up, but no facade shots, and some more details are located within the Post's Home section cover story on the crop of luxury developments shooting up along 14th Street (ex: "it's become clear that it's only a matter of time before the entire street - we're talking Avenue C all the way to the West Side Highway - will be completely scrubbed down and coated with a SoHo-like sheen"). Deets:

"I found that most neighborhoods in Manhattan had Gaps and Banana Republics, and the thing I liked about the East Village was that it still had that classic old feel of typical Manhattan. Not too contrived, interesting shops, unique restaurants," says Rob Kaliner, president of the Ascend Group, about what drew him to the site for A Building NYC. His eight-floor, 87-unit condo building boasts a 24-hour concierge, health club, pool, roof terrace and a $2.975 million three-bedroom penthouse with 1,900 square feet inside and 400 square feet outside. The building is six months away from completion.

Hmm, six months might be a stretch based on the progress of the site, but this looks to be an interesting one. The sales office?close to a Gap, 'natch?is at 813 Broadway. After the jump, a shot of the interior courtyard.

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