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Occupancy 'Soon' at Urban Glass House (Maybe)

A Curbed reader inquires: "What’s up with the Urban Glass House? Buyers were told closings would be in August, but even though scaffolding's been removed and there's a doorman watching the shop, nothing seems to be going on and certainly no one's moving in. The doorman said 'they’re fixing some problems.' What are the problems?"

Let's see—the peppy story we linked this morning in the Sun (actual headline: A Gleaming Urban Glass House Astonishes Spring Street) has this to offer: "Eighty percent of the apartments have sold, and the remainder are on the market for between $2 million and $4 million. Recently, the building received its certificate of occupancy, and residents soon will be moving in." (Take it with your typically oversize grain of salt, of course.) Actually, the story's worth the read just for this little detail we'd never heard before: that the Ear Inn owner sold his air rights to the Urban Glass House developers, who have paid for repairs to the Ear Inn. Who would have thought—a real estate story with a happy ending.
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