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CurbedWire: Undulating Rentals and Speedy Builders

1) East Village: A special CurbedWire correspondent passes along this update on the rental situation at the Sculpture For Living: "Was walking by the Sculpture for Living building with a broker friend this weekend and he happened to mention he just placed a client in there. Price: $9000/month. One of his associates just placed another rental client in there: $10,500/mth. Not sure which units or the square footage on them, however. But the empty (read: unsold) units aren't all going rental, he tells me. Just a select few." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Tribeca: A reader reports, "In a city where construction of buildings seems to take decades, 200 Chambers stands out. My company does a lot of events right near that building and it's pretty amazing how quickly the entire building has shot up to near completion. So, if you ever have any sort of 'awards' for fast, no-BS, building construction, they should be considered." You'll recall that they took care of all the BS on the front end. [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Dumbo: Finally, a tipster files this stirring J Condo news: "[O]wners just received another progress report and several offering amendments and, in a flagrant rejection of the currently popular doom-and-gloom scenarios, prices for the building's handful of remaining units have gone not down but up. Construction is also reported to be still on schedule. Also, Hudson Companies principal David Kramer made an appearance on the building's Yahoo Groups board recently with detailed answers to members' questions and an offer to field any and all owner inquiries. Although I suspect the schadenfreude-addicted Curbed contingent will be disappointed to hear it (and find reasons not to believe it), this is one developer outfit that appears to be operating with class and integrity." [CurbedWire Inbox]